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Naturopathic medicine incorporates ancient traditions and experience along with modern science.

The consultation involves an in-depth investigation of all body systems. Nutritional intakes as well as lifestyle are also analysed. The state of the mind and body and how they interact are carefully considered.

The consultation involves a questioning session followed by diagnostics. The methods applied are Chinese pulse and tongue analysis. A picture of the iris is taken in order to gain further information with regards to the body and mind.

A herbal prescription is formulated. This can be either a tincture or capsule format. These herbal medicines can be made of up to twelve herbs depending on requirement. Creams, ointments and oils can sometimes be formulated if required.

Bach flower remedies may also be made up to address any emotional/psychological element of illness.

Nutritional advice/recommendations are always given to help the healing process. It is important to educate and thus full explanations of all dietary advice is given. This helps with the compliance and therefore achieving better health.

Shifa Herbs

Once your individual constitution is established then it is possible to adjust diet and lifestyle accordingly and thus achieve good long term health.

Shifa HerbsOur aim is to always help people lead a healthy, 'naturopathic' lifestyle, using a combination of different techniques and methodologies.